Dehumidifier for Crawl Space

If you a have a crawl space beneath your house, you can be assured of one thing; high levels of humidity. A crawl space is always dark, and since it has dirt floors, it is almost always moist and damp. These conditions are the perfect breeding grounds for mould, mildew, bacteria, termites and carpenter ants.

Investing in a dehumidifier for a crawl space is an excellent idea, and a financially sound one at that. The dampness, the mould and the insects can actually affect the strength of your home’s foundation. Furthermore, due to something known as the “stack effect” cooler air is drawn up into your living space through the crawl space, and with it comes a plethora of mould spores and allergens.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dehumidifier for Crawl Space

The principles when choosing a dehumidifier for a crawl space is exactly the same when considering a dehumidifier for any other small and compact space, such as a bathroom or cupboard

  • Size: A dehumidifier for a crawl space will usually be compact and portable, though some prefer to purchase a fixed unit. The best way to establish the size and capacity of the unit is by knowing the square foot area in the space you want place it.
  • Specialized Features. Many dehumidifiers have extra features, or were built with one room in particular in mind. Some features include an auto off switch, humidistats, wheels, digital displays and wheels or handles for easy mobility. When purchasing a dehumidifier for a crawl space, it is highly recommended that the unit should have an automated draining system. You do not want to crawl beneath the house every other day to empty the holding tank.
  • Storage Tank Capacity: If all else fails and your unit does not boast a self draining feature, be sure that the holding tank capacity is adequate. The placement is also important. Place the unit where it can be within easy reach. Ideally, it should be placed closed to a drain.
  • Electricity Consumption: The bigger units are strangely enough more energy efficient than the smaller compact units, simply because the smaller units need to work double as hard to remove moisture from the air. In this one instance, bigger is sometimes better. Small units are perfect when they do not require running all hours of the day, every day. Keep this in mind when making your purchase.
  • Temperature: Since a crawl space is usually cold and damp, the best dehumidifier for a crawl space also needs to operate effectively in low temperatures.

Dehumidifier Reviews

Aprilaire 1710

Except for being ideal in a crawl space, the Aprilaire can also be used throughout your entire home. It is energy star compliant, making it 50% more effective than similar portable machines.


  • Moisture removing capacity of up to 45 liters per day.
  • Works on a self drainage system
  • Humidity sensors
  • LED panel providing feedback
  • Can operate in temperature ranging between 40 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit.


The unit received a decent 3.8 star ranking out of 5 and comes with a 5 year warranty. However, the unit is a bit more expensive than similar brands, and works best in higher temperatures.

Our Pick: Santa Fe Compact Dehumidifier

The Santa Fe dehumidifier was designed to work in tight and compact spaces where traditional dehumidifiers won’t fit.


  • Removes up to 35 liters of water vapour per day
  • Can easily work in areas up to 1800 square feet
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • 12 inch low clearance
  • Automatic stop and restart cycle
  • Gravity drain hose


With a 5 star rating from consumers, this unit will not disappoint. In tight areas the unit can be hoisted with a hang kit. The model is build to last and works very well in low temperature / high humidity areas. The one drawback is the fact that the drainage hose is located at the bottom of the unit, and it needs to be elevated for the water to drain fro the reservoir.

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